Investor FAQs

  • When was Energous Corporation incorporated?
  • We were incorporated in Delaware on October 30, 2012 under the name of DvineWave Inc. and changed our name to Energous Corporation in January 2014.

  • What does Energous do?
  • Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) is developing WattUp, an award-winning wire-free charging technology that will transform the way people and industries charge and power their electronic devices at home, in the office, in the car and beyond. WattUp is a revolutionary, patent-pending solution that delivers intelligent, scalable power via the same radio bands as a Wi-Fi router. WattUp differs from current wireless charging systems in that it will deliver meaningful, usable power, at a distance, to multiple devices, resulting in a wire-free experience that saves users from having to remember to plug in their devices or place them on a mat.

  • What is Energous Corporation's stock symbol?
  • Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol WATT.

  • Where is Energous Corporation located?
  • Our headquarters are located at 3590 North First Street, Suite 210, San Jose, CA 95134. We also have an office in Southern California which is located at 3200 Park Center Drive, Suite 380, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

  • Has Energous raised any capital recently?
  • In November 2015 we raised $20.7 million through an offering of 3.0 million shares of common stock (including shares sold pursuant to the exercise in full by the underwriters of their overallotment option).

  • Who are Energous’ board members?
  • Click here for a listing of our board members.

  • Who is on the Energous executive management team?
  • Click here for a listing of our executive management team.

  • When is your next earnings conference call?
  • The dates of our earnings calls are generally announced two weeks prior to the call. Click here for a list of upcoming events.

  • When is your next annual meeting of shareholders?
  • We have not yet set the date for our next annual meeting of shareholders.  Our last annual meeting of shareholders was held on May 19, 2016.

  • Do you pay a dividend?
  • Energous Corporation does not currently pay a dividend.

  • How can I buy stock in Energous Corporation?
  • You can only purchase stock in Energous through a licensed stock broker or by using an online trading account.

  • Can I buy stock directly from Energous Corporation?
  • No, you will need to contact a licensed stock broker or use an online trading account.

  • How do I change the address on my shareholder account?
  • You can make the change through your brokerage account or by contacting our transfer agent:

    Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
    1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101
    Mendota Heights, MN 55120

  • What do I do if I’ve lost my stock certificates?
  • You should contact our transfer agent:

    Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
    1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101
    Mendota Heights, MN 55120

  • When is Energous Corporation's fiscal year end?
  • December 31st

  • Who is Energous Corporation's transfer agent?
  • Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
    1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101
    Mendota Heights, MN 55120

  • Who are Energous Corporation's independent auditors?
  • Marcum LLP
    10 Melville Road
    Melville, NY 11747

  • Who is Energous Corporation's outside legal counsel?
  • Fenwick & West
    Mark Leahy
    801 California Street
    Mt. View, CA 94041

  • What is Energous’ CUSIP number?
  • Our CUSIP number is 29272C103.

  • How can I contact investor relations for Energous Corporation?

  • How can I have financial documents sent to me?
  • Please contact

  • How can I contact Energous Corporation’s board of directors?
  • If you wish to communicate directly with the Board, the independent directors of the Board or any individual member of the Board, you may do so by sending such communication by certified mail addressed to the Chairman of the Board, as a representative of the entire Board of Directors or to the individual director or directors, in each case, c/o Secretary, Energous Corporation, 3590 North First Street, Suite 210, San Jose, California 95134. The Secretary reviews any such security holder communication and forwards relevant communications to the addressee.

  • Who can I contact for general information about Energous Corporation?
  • For general information, please contact us.