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Energous is pioneering scalable, over-the-air wireless power networks that enable unprecedented levels of visibility, control, and intelligent automation for IoT applications. The company’s wireless power transmitter and receiver technologies deliver continuous access to wireless power, helping drive a new generation of battery-free devices for asset and inventory tracking and management—from retail sensors, electronic shelf labels, and asset trackers, to air quality monitors, motion detectors, and more.


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Building a Sustainable Future

Worldwide consumption of traditional alkaline batteries tops 10 billion units annually, with less than 2% of those units collected for recycling. The environmental impact and lifetime cost of battery-powered devices is staggering. Energous over-the-air (OTA) wireless power networks can be a pivotal technology to help build a more sustainable future. By reducing the need for disposable batteries, cables, and wires, as well as making it easier for our customers to pinpoint sources of emissions, inefficient energy use, material waste, and other excess, we enable organizations to dramatically improve their sustainability across metrics such as emissions, waste, and natural resource usage.


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