Michael Andreozzi

Mr. Michael Andreozzi is CEO of Beltone New England, the largest hearing aid dispensing and audiology practice in the region and joined the Energous Board of Advisors in December 2020. He has owned and operated over 125 Audiology and Hearing Aid retail locations in his 37 years in the hearing aid industry.  Michael has held positions with Beltone Florida, Beltone New York and Beltone Carolina. His 14 years of ownership in the Miracle-Ear franchise system gave him great roots and knowledge at a young age in large reach, single line hearing aid retail.  Michael currently serves on several boards and advisory boards, including The Board of Governors with International Hearing Aid Society, National Advisory Council at Beltone Electronics in Chicago and GN Hearing Care in Denmark. He was also past Chairman of the Advisory Board for 3DM-United Sciences, a laser ear scanning company that will change the way that impressions are taken of the human ear for years to come. Michael serves on the University Rhode Island Foundation Board, the Arts and Sciences Board and the Harrington School of Communication Board.  Many companies within the Hearing Aid space sort out Michael and his team to test and implement new ideas, technology, and approaches within the hearing Aid Retail field.  His company was responsible for the early testing and roll out of the CVS Hearing Aid Centers in 2008 opening over 35 locations within CVS, ZPower Rechargeable hearing aid batteries, Caption Call Phones in hearing clinics, Jitterbug Cell Phones in hearing clinics, Hyper-Sound speaker systems, Bluetooth integration in Hearing Devices and Oto-Scanner Technology for 3D scanning of ear canals. Many awards have been compiled for Michael and his companies including the prestigious “Presidents Cup Award” at Beltone and highest volume and growth awards many times.  Michael earned a bachelor’s degrees in communicative disorders and speech communications from the University of Rhode Island. Michael is considered one of the most important voices in the retail hearing aid industry and a nationally recognized leader, speaker and innovator.

Dooroo Lim

Mr. Dooroo Lim joined the Energous Board of Advisors in November 2020. He is currently a project leader of wireless coverage solutions company SK Telesys, where he has led overseas sales and marketing since 2013. While at SK Telesys, Mr. Lim has contributed to the first commercialization of WattUp technology in 2019 with the Delight Oasis-RC over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid, which utilizes Energous’ RF-based WattUp wireless charging technology.. Prior to joining SK Telesys, Mr. Lim began Telesquare, LTE and WiMAX module and data card manufacturing, and was granted a military WiMAX module project from Samsung Thales. From 2006 to 2011, Mr. Lim served as a team leader of C-motech, where he managed various projects for mobile networks operators, such as Sprint, KDDI, SK telecom and Korea Telecom, and  launched a number of 3G and WiMAX devices. From 2002 until 2006, while at Ace Antenna, Mr. Lim was a principal engineer and responsible for new business development. Prior to Ace Antenna, Mr. Lim served as a system engineer of Hyundai electronics and designed the world’s first IS-95C BTS based on multi-rate DSP and Digital-IF technology. Mr. Lim received a B.S. in radio wave engineering and an M.S. in Electronic Communication Engineering at Hanyang University in 1996 and 1998, respectively.